giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, Readers! If you are traveling this long weekend, I hope your journey was safe and stress-free. If you are staying put (like me), I hope you have a relaxing day or two with your family and/or friends. I hope your table is filled with your favorite foods, your football team wins, and you score a lot of deals at the mall tomorrow. I hope that you take some time out from cooking, eating, driving, and shopping to think about some of the things you are thankful for! Now, I’m not as creative as [simply rejoice], but there’s definitely a few things I appreciate this Thanksgiving Day.

1. My family. They’re far away from me this year, zipping down I-39 to celebrate with the Mapel clan in central Illinois. But I got to see my mom and dad for some quality vacation time in Boston last week, and as you all know, Laura had an action-packed visit during Halloween weekend. They’re good people and I’m glad they’re mine.

2. My jobs. Even though I have to work tomorrow at one of my part-time gigs, when I would rather be shopping at Macy’s and the yarn store, I am so grateful to have two paid opportunities. I’m still on the lookout for a full-time museum position, but when so many people have nothing at all to support their families, I realize I am truly blessed.

3. My country. Thanksgiving is such a uniquely American holiday (yes, I know Canada has one too): it’s all about eating too much, spending money, and watching televised sports. Four years ago, when I was in Spain, the lack of turkey and parades was almost painful. I know that not all of us are overjoyed with every aspect of the United States (certain elected officials, the still-shaky economy, foreign policy, and/or overwhelming consumer culture), but the fact that we can freely whine about it in the blogosphere and then drown our sorrows in mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce is pretty special.

So good luck at the sales tomorrow. Travel/cook safely and shop/eat wisely. And hey, if your deep-fried turkey ends up a Monumental Disaster, file it away with other Good Holiday Tales and call for pizza and wings. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Friends.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda Wolfe
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 23:54:41

    Well said Sarah.


  2. Laura Wolfe
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 12:00:29

    I’m thankful for you! And turkey. But mostly you.


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