the first tuesday after the first monday

Today is November 2, 2010, and it is Election Day. Unless you live under a TV-free rock (or perhaps outside the country), you’re probably aware of the ugliness of many campaigns, the fears and hopes of both parties, and the multitude of rallies held in my city. Voters that aren’t angry in the manner of Glenn Beck are fed up with divisiveness and inaction; I think it’s safe to say that we’re all fed up with Congressional backbiting in lieu of some kind of progress on Job Creation, Health Care, and the War.

do it

Now, My Words Are Sparkly is not here to tell you how to vote (although I think most of you, Readers, are personal friends and are well aware of which way I lean). Rather, I just want you to do a little serious thinking about the many issues and candidates on your ballot, and exercise your Constitutional Right To Vote. Seriously. If you don’t vote, you don’t count, and it is my honest belief that even an educated voter on the opposite end of the political spectrum is better than uninformed people. For many of our ancestors, it was a hard road to the ballot box, so make sure you honor their efforts and let your voice be heard today! If you haven’t registered in your area yet, many states allow same-day voter registration. Here are the links to Election Information in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Readers, we cannot be a Democracy unless you participate. Vote!


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